Anticipating just how many Sexting Couples and you can Sexting Frequency

Anticipating just how many Sexting Couples and you can Sexting Frequency

Analysis Research

The information and knowledge was basically assessed using SPSS app (v. 20). Having RQ1, independent t-screening was in fact used examine the number of sexting lovers and you may the brand new regularity off sending sexts ranging from MSM for over pГҐ dette nettstedet the Hong-kong and MSM from inside the Taiwan. RQ2 try worried about exactly how many new participants’ sexting couples. Because the quantity of sexting partners was a number varying, a poor binomial regression research with a record hook means is held. The amount of sexting people is actually put because the centered adjustable. RQ3 and you can RQ4 was managed playing with a couple independent multiple linear regressions, means the latest regularity out of sending sexts and the frequency regarding sexting under pressure as mainly based details, respectively.


RQ1 compared this new sexting routines ranging from MSM inside Hong-kong and you can MSM when you look at the Taiwan. Table step 1 provides a summary of the fresh participants’ sexting habits. Regarding Hong kong shot, 67.3% of the people claimed which have one sexting mate from inside the the very last three months in advance of they complete the latest questionnaire; in the Taiwanese take to, 74.3% of players advertised with a minumum of one sexting mate. Normally, users from inside the Hong kong had step 3.94 sexting lovers, and you may players inside the Taiwan got cuatro.49 sexting lovers inside the exact same months. The new independent t-take to shown zero significant difference, t(80step 1) = ? step one.twenty-two, p = 0.22, in terms of the number of sexting people ranging from MSM when you look at the the two regions. Concerning your frequencies of delivering sexts, acquiring sexts, and you may sexting under pressure, t-tests presented no significant differences when considering the two places sometimes: sending sexts, equal variances maybe not assumed, t() = step one.01, p = 0.313; choosing sexts, equal variances perhaps not presumed, t() = 1.59, p = 0.112; and you may sexting under great pressure, t(801) = 0.62, p = 0.534.

Table dos suggests the fresh new zero-order correlations amongst the significant parameters. The newest correlations involving the separate details was in fact weakened. Multicollinearity is actually next looked at thanks to calculating the new difference rising prices affairs, which have been most of the below dos, recommending one zero multicollinearity are found in the new dataset.

Dining table dos Setting, basic deviations, and you may zero-acquisition correlations out-of significant details Dining table step 3 Bad binomial regression analysis to own predicting the amount of sexting people

RQ3 asked how the various psychological variables were related to the frequency of sending sexts among MSM in Hong Kong and Taiwan, respectively. Table 4 presents the results of the multiple regression analysis. Only sensation-seeking (b = 0.12, 95% CI [0.04, 0.20], p < 0.01)> Table 4 Multiple regression analysis for the frequency of sending sexts Table 5 Multiple regression analysis for sexting under pressure


Studies have continuously demonstrated that MSM participated in sexting more often than its heterosexual alternatives did (Bianchi mais aussi al., 2021; Morelli mais aussi al., 2016). Centered on these types of conclusions, this research examined the standards leading to sexting one of MSM. The fresh study’s work on Hong kong and you can Taiwan together with complemented the brand new mostly All over the world Northern-concentrated literature. This study browsed exactly how experience-trying to, gay label misunderstandings, and you may muscularity most useful was basically associated with just how many sexting couples and wavelengths of delivering sexts and you may sexting under pressure. The outcomes indicated that specific MSM receive sexting to get a great sensation-satisfying pastime, but some have been susceptible to sexting under some pressure. The outcomes on the Hong kong and you may Taiwanese trials just weren’t always consistent, hence indicated the significance of provided local specificity when you look at the sexting look.

Earlier in the day search showed that sensation-looking to try regarding the high-risk intimate things, for example unprotected sex, and you will unique issues, such as the use of internet dating (Chan, 2017; Valkenburg & Peter, 2007; Wang ainsi que al., 2021). This research discovered that, interestingly, MSM having a healthier experience-looking to attribute within the Hong kong had a lot more sexting people but was basically less engaged in sending sexts. But not, MSM that have a more powerful experience-seeking feature for the Taiwan was basically a whole lot more involved with giving sexts but did not have far more sexting people. Such inconsistent performance mirror the same psychological faculties can have some other behavioral symptoms in numerous places.

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